Is The Holocaust Effect Wearing Off?

A friend recently forwarded an article to me about Yale University closing its anti-Semitism institute.  It seems the school was afraid the anti-Semitism Institute would offend “major donors from the middle east”.  Once again, the right thing to do gets buried under “financial realities.”

In the 1960’s, Yale abandoned its Jewish quota, which limited the number of Jews allowed to be enrolled in their school.  Their history of anti-Semitism is not so remote that it could not be resurrected.  What will come next?  Will they limit the number of Jewish students because their presence would be offensive to “middle eastern” donors? Has prestigious Yale become no more than a prostitute, spreading its legs for the highest donor?

It’s not just Yale.  Major organizations across America have started divesting their investment portfolios of Israeli companies in support of the false accusations against the Jewish state claiming mistreatment of the Palestinians.  One only has to look to the YouTube expose’s of Arab poverty in Gaza to realize its just propaganda, but they are doing it at a brisk pace.  Once again, Israel finds itself alone in the world.  Israel is the Jew among the nations, and the nations waste no time in harassing us, as they have done for many centuries.

It’s not just educational institutions and businesses.  Helen Thomas’ anti-Israel rant made world-wide headlines until they fired that witch.  Mel Gibson, once beloved film star lost credibility and stature in the film industry after his drunken anti-Semitic comments.

Some segments within the Catholic Church, which has made such positive strides and developed friendships with the Jewish community since the 1960s, especially during the time of Pope John Paul II, have been supportive of the Arabs in Israel rather than the Jewish state.  I mention this not to attack, but because I find it so hurtful.  I have many friends within the Catholic Church; people who see the Jewish people as brothers and stand with us,  but their friendships are individual and personal, and this issue is political.  They need to look at what happened when Israel gave Bethlehem to the Arabs.  Bethlehem was a Christian city that flourished under Israel.  When it was given to the Arabs, the Moslems threw out the Christians, and now it is a Moslem city.  If they abandon Israel, they too will be abandoned.

The real questions are both why?  Why did the nations repent of their anti-Semitism in the first place, and Why are they again returning to it?  I believe the nations began to abandon their anti-Semitism after WWII.  The devastation of the holocaust was so unfathomable, that it shocked the nations out of their normal anti-Semitic attitudes, and ushered in a time of Jewish equality and general good will toward Jewish people.  Not only did top schools open their doors to Jewish students, but top businesses and professions did so as well.

A generation prior to the 1960s, Jewish college graduates found employment opportunities limited because they would not be hired by non-Jewish firms, companies, etc.  Certain neighborhoods were restricted and did not allow Jews.  Some Hotels would not allow Jews to be guests.  Even some restaurants would  not serve Jews.  Those times have been forgotten by most people of even my generation, yet they were the reality.

As the last generation of Holocaust survivors dies out, so is the memory of the Holocaust dying out.  Some people are saying it never happened.  Others are saying “so what?” because it was a long time ago.  People seem to be reverting to their old ways of blaming the Jews and discriminating against Jews, but now its in a revised form. It looks bad to be an anti-Semite, so its more socially acceptable to say it’s Israel that’s the problem.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s the same poison in another cup.  To mis-quote Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name still smells.”

I’m glad my grandparents didn’t live to see this, and I fear for the world my children will inherit.


2 thoughts on “Is The Holocaust Effect Wearing Off?

  1. Well put Rabbi. I too have noticed this alarming trend. As a non-Jew I will continue to stand with you in opposition to antisemitism in all its forms, regardless of the cost to me. God help us all if we just stand by and let this ugly beast rise again!

  2. It seems to me that we are now seeing fulfillment of an exponentially increasing number of biblical prophesies.

    I think the “antichrist” is at last correctly identified, as islam. Islam will finally control the world through nuclear blackmail. Nuclear weapons are already under the control of islam, in Pakistan and soon to be in Iran.

    As Jews, we will bear the brunt of the attack, fro every quarter. I can easily foresee the day there will be laws preventing Jews from going near islamic mosques, or even speaking to muslims.

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