Yartzeit For The World Trade Center

Yartzeit   <<– click this.     I worked on this powerpoint presentation in the months following the terrorist attack on the city in which I was born and lived.  The music is by Barbara Streisand, the Photos are from the internet.  I arranged them to express my heart.  On a day of remembrance, remember the innocent victims, the brave Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and EMS workers who perished.  Pray for their families, and ask the blessing of God on our country.


4 thoughts on “Yartzeit For The World Trade Center

  1. We pray every day for God’s blessing upon our country, but I have to say I have some doubt whether he will honor that prayer, when he is denied access to most of the country, and in particular to the memorial ceremonies tomorrow. The Hindus, Buddhists and muslims can be there and advertize their false gods, but “there isn’t enough room” to allow anyopne in from the Judeo-Christian establishment. It’s a disgrace!

  2. Dr Shiffman, thank you for remembering 9/11. I read alot about so called “spirituallity” on the blogosphere, but not so much about the everyday life that all of us have to be a part of. Hopefully Messianic Judaism can someday slof off this hyper-spiritualism we’ve picked up, and learn that there are times to remember and grieve, as Judaism teaches. Sorry I had to bring this up.

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