Playing By The Rules

Civil society is based upon the single premise that everyone plays according to the rules. If everyone abides by the same laws, rules, and standards, justice and fairplay result. Injustices arise when some people fail to play by the same rules the rest of society lives by. They violate the social contract. Some social contracts need to be broken; like discrimination against Blacks prior to the 1960s and afterward.For the most part, the American social contract is based upon the ideas of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Our laws are built around protecting and securing those values insofar as they don’t overlap onto someone else’s rights. In general, they work pretty well and we enjoy a peaceful existence.
The problem comes in when people don’t play by the rules.  Things we all agree on, mean nothing when everyone doesn’t have the same values and standards.  On a basic level, most people agree that it is wrong to steal.  When someone steals, they aren’t playing by the rules and they disrespect other people’s right to their own property.  It was yours, now it’s theirs. You had it, they got it.
We once had a society that was more open and trusting.  We could go to the airport and wait at the gates to greet or say goodbye to loved ones.  That is a thing of the past.  Because some people decided not to play by the rules, only ticketed passengers can get to the gates.  Even then, ticketed passengers must go through intensive screening procedures and at times submit to intrusive invasions of personal privacy.
There was a time when we could express ourselves without fear of recrimination by others.  Now, if I simply wear a kipah in public, I have to worry that some anti-Semite might do me bodily harm.
As people increasingly ignore the rules of our society, the government will have to increasingly create rules and regulations to protect society, and our freedoms will be diminished.  I’m all for personal liberty.  But personal liberties stop when society’s freedoms fade away.
Our politically correct culture bends over backward to protect the followers of Islam.  Why is that?  Radical Islamic followers live in our society, but their behavior threatens it.  People a quick to point out that not all Moslems are extremist, and that is true, but they are doing nothing to curb the radical elements among them.  During 9/11, when the towers fell, Moslem neighborhoods in New York were partying.  They didn’t share our sadness.  They should be turning their radical brothers over to the authorities.  Instead, we are protecting the people who are protecting the ones who threaten us.  We don’t want to be accused of profiling.  Profiling is exactly what we should do.  Who are the terrorists?  They aren’t Catholics.  They aren’t Protestants, and they aren’t Jews.   While we are so busy protecting the Moslems from profiling, their more radical brothers are terrorizing the rest of our population.   As a result, we have to live in lock down mode whenever there is a potential terrorist attack. Why should we have to live in fear?  This doesn’t make sense to me.
We need to stop pretending that everyone is playing by the same rules.  We are not.  Jews and Christians have been playing by the same rules for civil society for centuries.  We respect one another’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Moslems play by a different set of rules.  They believe it is acceptable to lie to non-Moslems.  They believe non-Moslems are second class people.  They believe it is acceptable to murder non-Moslems.  Those who don’t agree with me will say that its only a small minority that feels this way.  Maybe so, maybe not.  Why isn’t the alleged majority of Moslems who supposedly play by our rules turn in the minority that doesn’t?  They don’t.  Instead, they use our laws of and open and free society against us.  More important than that question is this one: When will we stop pretending that everyone is playing by the same rules?

8 thoughts on “Playing By The Rules

  1. Rabbi, thank you for making this post, and for the spelling of moslem. These people are using our freedoms as their primary means of our defeat. I think they will be successful, and soon. The provisions of our Constitution that guarantee the freedom and safety of our religion also prevent us from seeking out moslems to search for guns and bombs.

    As to your comment that there may be a majority of moslema who are peaceful I can only say, BS. Ask any moslem, and he will confirm that the rest of us have a simple choice: convert or die, with die being preferable. That is why we don’t hear any objection from anyone in the moslem community when the militant ones use our Constitution to force their beliefs upon the rest of us.

    Just suppose a few of us Jews were to bring legal action to force the observance of Passover, Hanukkah, Yom kippur, Rosh Hoshanah, etc., on all of society. Would we get as far as the moslems do with cramming ramadan down our throarts? Of course not. Suppose we demanded kosher food be served in all schools, rather than halal. No! Why? We have never developed the idea of convert to Judaism or we will murder you.

    There is a complete disconnect in thought patterns between Judeo-Christian and moslem, and it is not likely to change. It is my personal opinion that the anti-messiah has finally come to the fore, and it is islam. Our society is doomed, unless God decides to send Messiah back to us.

  2. Over the centuries our world has celebrated history for the purpose of remembering for the purpose of preventing the mistakes of the past. The statements made are true enough but they are only the present results of a nation that stopped celebrating its history to prevent the mistakes of the past. We began in 1878 with the Supreme Court of the USA redefining the definition of “separation of church and state” followed by the American Civil Liberties Union its goals, ideals and actions that have attacked “values, morals and self control”.
    As a mother of two sons with experience in eight years in multiple diagnosed autism and six years in male adolescent corrections; if you don’t control yourself others will control you.
    America has voted repeatedly to allow its people to be out of control redefining liberty as “I do what makes me feel good”. Our founding fathers had defined “liberty” to own property and keep the profits of business.
    What we are seeing is not a religion who is allowed to not play by the same rules so much as a Nation who has abandoned the very values, morals and self control it was founded on.
    To do a research on the ACLU and the court cases as well as the lobby of the house & senate will show that they are not acting to keep the American people responsible for their behavior or support of business adhering to support the people whom they service. What you will see is thier court cases & lobbying with the intention to bring fear of government, allowance of out of control behavior under the name of “liberty” and the use of capitalism to gain governmental power for the purpose of attaining dictatorship in America.
    The answer is not in what religion we worship in but in taking back America through self control, education of truth, return to celebrating history with a purpose, and VOTE.

  3. Beautify written Mike it touches on all the right cords and is seemingly without flaw in its simplicity and yearning for one accord. Sadly, you have ignored the background grumblings that persisted for years by those which exclaimed that we were not and have not played by the same rules we have professed. Their activities, reprehensible but our covert interferences and power brokering, …. down played, not-reproved, self-interested justified, presumed to be a pill that the rest of the world (Third-World) must grin swallow and bear, that our “incorruptible system and interests might prevail. Playing by the same moral and ethical rules would also mean that we would restrain our brute military forces from pounding and plummeting innocents with cluster bombs (one every 30 seconds on day 1) and other Weapons of Mass destruction deemed illegal. Playing by the same rules means the same rules on all fronts.

    • actually, Eliahu, thats a different subject completely than the one I was writing about. Perhaps at another time, I’ll address the issues you were bringing up. I was addressing social order, while you were addressing business and political behavior.

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