Cigars and Jehovah’s Witnesses

I was sitting in the parking lot of our local CVS pharmacy, waiting for my son’s girlfriend to get her prescription.  I was smoking a cigar and talking to my son, when an old lady and her friend came over and made a disrespectful comment about my cigar, and tried to give me one of her religious pamphlets.  From the looks of it, it was obvious she was a Jehovah’s Witness.  She started in on me telling me God doesn’t want me smoking cigars.  I asked her how she knows God doesn’t smoke cigars.  She told me that would be impossible.

I asked her if she believed the Bible.  She assured me that she did.  I told her in Exodus 20, it says that God descended on Mt. Sinai, and the text says that Mt. Sinai was smoking. She said that’s not what it means.  I said it’s what it says.  Then I told her in Isaiah 6, the prophet had a vision of the Lord in the Holy Temple.  She nodded her head.  I pointed out that the text says that when the Lord’s Presence entered the Temple, the temple was filled with smoke.   She said it wasn’t about cigars.

I then asked her what she would do when she stands before God, if God WAS smoking a cigar.  After all, whats it going to do, give him cancer?   She admitted that a cigar can’t hurt God.

I politely informed her that the Bible does not speak one word against cigars, but it says a lot about not eating certain foods, like pork and shellfish.  She told me she doesn’t eat them.

She started to tell me what the bible teaches, and I told her that what the Bible says, and what she thinks it means are two different things, and she didn’t need to tell me what the bible says, because I teach Bible on a graduate level.  She put it down saying that I get paid for it, so it’s not valid, and asked what I do with what I know.   I told her I work to feed elderly holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe and Israel.  She was quiet for a moment and tried to give me her tract again.  I told her to keep it,  She said I should remember her when I have cancer and left.

When I think about her rudeness, I observed how being overbearing is such a lousy witness.  Throughout our discussion, I kept smiling, and was pleasant, even when she insinuated that my service for God was for money, and therefore invalid.  Telling me I was going to have cancer was like cursing me, and I didn’t receive it, but I still was cordial to her.  Even when tempted to take her pamphlet and relight my cigar with it, I didn’t.

I thought about her rude behavior, and thought that she will never reach anyone that way, and that fact alone gave me a good feeling.


7 thoughts on “Cigars and Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. That was an awesome story, Michael, and I am so proud and jealous of you. I could not have kept my cool the way you did. I learn so much from your life experiences..You teach me all the time about life and the love of g-d. Thank you for you latest entry. You are a wonderful brother. Mom and Dad will also be proud. I’m sure GG and poppy were smiling from heaven….Love you!!

  2. Funny story… I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 38 years before discovering it was all a pile of lies that started with John Aquila Brown in 1823. They basically extrapolate a string of Bible “texts” to derive support for their rules & regulations. For the smoking ban, they generally use two texts: 2Corinthians 6:7 (… quit touching the unclean thing …) and 2Corinthians 7:1 (… let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of the flesh and spirit…). Any Jehovah’s Witness who is caught smoking is subjected to a “star-chamber” hearing in which three elders question the evil-doer to determine if he deserves the elders’ compasion. If the elders determine that the JW does NOT deserve their compasion, an announcemenet is made whereby the JW “smoker” is cut off from all of his family and friends in the religion…. But it’s perfectly OK for any Jehovah’s Witness to consume large quantities of fast food which can very quickly lead to severe health issues and heart failure. This is has got to be the most twisted cult on the planet…

  3. I think we’ve all had our problems with those people. Personally, I feel sorry for them, having been so duped by the purveyors of that tripe.

    In the years I’ve known you, you have blessed me again and again, with your even-tempered way of handling strife and discord. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m proud to count a man of your character and godliness as a friend.

    Your son’s girlfriend??? My, how quickly change comes about sometimes!

  4. This was very humorous!

    I had studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses for several years. It is that exact type of thinking that disillusioned me.

    I’d like to learn what theme Scriptures realty teach by learning Biblical Greek, Hebrew and Arabic.. but i don’t know any good sites. Any suggestions?

    I had lookedup the actual Greek and Hebrew words. … found biases there, and also in allegedly quotes by scientists : truncated out of contexts with out ellipsess or Bracers.

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