And The LORD Heard It

These should be the most terrifying words we have ever heard, “And the LORD heard it.”  It comes from the book of Numbers, chapter 12 where the sister of Moses grumbled against him.  “So they said, “Has the LORD indeed spoken only through Moses? Has He not spoken through us also?” And the LORD heard it.”   Featured image

It makes you ask the question, how much of what we say does the Lord hear?  How much of what we do does the Lord see?  The answer of course, is EVERYTHING.  If you really fear God, with a Godly fear, that idea should be unsettling at best.  There are things we do that are not always good.  There are things we say that are not always good.  it makes me shudder that the Lord hears the things I say when I drive.  I’m a native New Yorker, and muttering expletives went hand in hand with getting a drivers license.  I don’t mean anything by them, its just a way to let out frustration.

The thing that would trouble me the most is the way I treat other people.  I’m far from being a perfect person.  I am well aware of my shortcomings; but one thing I do strive to do is treat other people with respect and honor even when I feel they don’t deserve it.  I try to be kind to people, because the world needs kind people.  I am well aware that God notices how I treat other people.  It would terrify me to know I treated someone badly, and even more, that God noticed it.

I am often amazed at how badly people treat one another.  They feel they are right, as if that is a valid excuse for treating other people badly.  I wonder how people would treat others if they were aware that God was watching them.  Either they are unaware, or the think God doesn’t notice, or that He doesn’t care.  It’s basically a lack of faith.  Treating someone in a condescending and demeaning manner is not a godly thing to do.  Lording our position over others is not a godly thing to do.   It betrays a lack of Yireh, Shamayim, a fear of heaven.  If we really believe that God watches us and notices, how differently would we treat others?

In Dicken’s story, “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge lives a life of selfishness partly because he felt no sense that God or anyone else watched him or cared.  His visitation by three ghosts brings home the realization that every act of his life had been noticed and he was on the verge of judgment for those actions.  The great reality of life, is that the way we treat people is a genuine reflection of how we feel about God.  if we live our lives in a way that says He doesn’t see or hear, we are denying Him.  We are to do our mitzvot in such a way that brings Honor to God, and reflects the reality of God in our lives.  Yeshua said, “Let your light shine before men, so that they may see your mitzvot, and give glory to your Father in Heaven.”  This applies, not only to ritual commandments, but to the way we treat people as well,  Whatever we do or say, we need to realize that “The Lord Heard It.”


2 thoughts on “And The LORD Heard It

  1. Arrrgh! The idea that God has seen and does remember everything I have said and done scares the s— out of me.

    I know true repentance clears the slate, but then I immediately go right ahead and screw up some more. Just a fleeting thought can do it.

    That suggests that I ought to be trying to change those fleeting thoughts from evil to repentance, for if repentance is constantly on my mind it squeezes out some of the bad stuff.

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