Is The UN Relevant?

When the United Nations was founded, it had lofty goals of world peace.  In the years following the second world war, and the period of the cold war, the United Nations served the purpose of preserving peace in the world.  Since the end of the cold war, the United Nations seems to have outlived its purpose.  It has not preserved world peace, nor made any significant contribution toward a more peaceful world.  It appears to have been coopted by the concerns of third world countries seeking money and influence from the west.  Most noticeably is its bias against the Nation of Israel.

The United Nations remains silent on human rights violations globally, yet it singles out Israel as a prime human rights violator, which has been proven over and over to not be true.  They remained silent while Moslem extremists butchered hundreds of thousands of Arab Christians in Syria and Iraq, yet anytime an Arab throws a rock in Israel, they condemn the Jewish State.  If there is no peace in Israel, the United Nations always assumes it is Israel’s fault.  It is time to realize that the United Nations is the puppet of the Arab states, and it has outlived its effectiveness and usefulness.  The problem is not what the United Nations actually says.  The problem is that they are used as a justification for Arab states to carry out their own agendas.  They have become an excuse.  They are irrelevant, and no longer what they were intended to be.  They should close it down and turn the building into condos.



One thought on “Is The UN Relevant?

  1. Amen and Amen!! Well and rightly said, Rabbi.

    This latest UN pontification is yet another very clear example that world peace is NOT UN’s goal, but rather peace by edict of men claiming allah has directed them to do so. Bullfeathers!

    Did you all see what came out of that drug-infested Charlie Sheen yesterday? He prays to some god or other for the death of President-elect Trump. If he were to say that after Jan.20, he would be advocating the death of the President, which is at least SEDITION, and perhaps that mouth could be thrown in the can where he belongs.

    Yes, I am very unfriendly today, due to the course of events in this country. John Kerry pronounces that Israel can be either Jewish OR democratic, but not both?. What a windbag! Seems to me Israel is a sovereign nation, which has the absolute right of self-determination. Start a war with Israel, lose territory (1967), that territory is lost and let it be a lesson to the aggressor that starting a war with the sovereign nation of Israel is a very bad idea.

    Moshe Dayan messed up big time.

    If President Trump chooses to cut off funding to UN, bless his heart, but can you imagine the uproar around the world it would cause? Time for US to become great again, and to PUBLICLY proclaim its total and irrevocable support of Israel.


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