Baseless Hatred

According to Jewish Tradition, the Holy Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred. People hating people for having a different point of view than their own hated one another.  For almost 45 years, I have experienced baseless hatred as a Jewish Yeshua follower. Hatred because I believe Yeshua is the Messiah. I didn’t do anything to anybody. People have rejected me because of my beliefs. Fellow Jews have expressed hatred and rejected me, because I believe in Yeshua, and I experienced hatred from Christians who dislike Jews. All Christians don’t feel that way, and all Jews don’t feel that way, but nevertheless, I encountered the hate from both groups.  I once had a man shake my hand and thank me for killing his savior so he could die for his sins. I had a seminary professor become distant and condescending when he found out that I am a Jew. The hard truth is, that if you hate me for what I believe, without knowing me, you are no better than a neo-nazi.

There has been a social contract that, until recently, has said that we treat one another with civility and hopefully, kindness. That contract appears to be broken in our society.

Neo-nazis and Muslim extremists spew hatred. We have watched it slowly erode over the years.  Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries had been vandalized.  People said it was just kids, hooliganism.  Under the guise of political disagreement, Israel and Zionism was vilified.  Zionism is simply the belief that Jews have a right to live in their own homeland. It became a safe way to express anti Jewish sentiment without being called an anti-semite.  They said if you are against the political entity of Israel, it doesn’t mean you don’t like Jews.  The reality is, Israel is a Jewish state.  It is Jews living in their own homeland.  If you are against the entity of Israel, who is it that you are against?  The people who live there.  The Jews!   The Neo-Nazis continue to blame the Jews for all the problems in the world, and put it not as much on Israel, but on Jewish people.  Even the rhetoric from the churches has turned away from a positive view of Israel with a theological construct called “replacement theology.”

The hatred has opened a door that will be difficult to close. Our society is becoming more accepting of hate speech; against Jews and against blacks; against conservatives and against liberals. My question is this: If God permitted the Holy Temple to be destroyed because of baseless hatred, what will become of our society? It will not fare well for us if we don’t change our ways.


One thought on “Baseless Hatred

  1. The hatred to which you refer is the same hatred to which I referred in my comments on your post yesterday, except it is directed toward Black people and, by association, Conservatives.

    You are so right that we need to change our ways, BUT isn’t it always the other guy, over whom we have no control, who needs to change?

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