Halloween Reflection

Yeshua… said to them, “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God.”

I posted a humorous picture on Facebook about Halloween which most people enjoyed. A Facebook “friend” saw it and proceeded to tell me I was worshipping the devil and I needed to repent, and even threw “you call yourself a rabbi” into it.

The truth is, I don’t “call myself a rabbi”, I am a rabbi, and Halloween has nothing to do with it. Some people don’t like Halloween, and I get that, and they think it’s devil worship, but I can’t and won’t live my life by the notions of others. I don’t celebrate Halloween myself, but don’t condemn those who do. I don’t think the Satan is as gratified by people giving candy to children playing dress up as he is by people condemning one another and criticizing each other.

The scripture teaches that God looks upon the heart of mankind, and that we should not lift up our hearts to idols. If our heart is lifted up to God and not the Satan, then we are fine. When people go on an anti-halloween crusade, it makes their beliefs look even less desirable to a world that already thinks they are nuts. Shining the light means we should be kind, not condemning. Showing the love of God is not criticizing people who don’t see things as you do. In doing so, you have made your interpretation an idol, and are guilty of what you condemn.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Reflection

  1. Good word. Both Halloween and Christmas are so commercialized, I’ve found that just ignoring the buying frenzy and not participating is protest enough. No need to hate on those who do.

  2. Yes, you ARE a Rabbi. I for one am very glad you are, and proud to know you. Whoever had the gall to criticize you over something as unimportant as Halloween needs to go back and examine his own belief structure. (That’s supposed to be polite for “go fry ice.”)

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