Like the Blog is subtitled, “When you need a second opinion.” This blog represents my opinion on a variety of topics. I am not trying to tell anyone what they should or should not do, nor am I trying to convince anyone of anything. I am just giving my opinion, which often differs from opinions of others. If you agree with me, thats fine, but if you don’t agree with me, that fine too. I really don’t care if people agree with me or not. My goal is for people to THINK about issues in a different way. I hope the reader will enjoy my writings as well. There is an old saying, “A rabbi who’s congregation always agrees with him is no rabbi, and a rabbi who is afraid of his congregation is no man.”

Because people like to know backgrounds, here is mine:

Dr. Michael Schiffman grew up in Jericho, NY in a traditional Jewish family. He became a follower of Yeshua while a student at Arizona State in November 1973. He has earned BAE in Communication Arts at Arizona State University, an M.Div from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a D.Min. from Ashland Theological Seminary. In addition, he had a 12 year private study of Talmud, Shulchan Oruch, and Chasidus with a Chasidic Rabbi.

He has lead Messianic Jewish congregations in Phoenix, AZ in Columbus, OH, and Manhattan, NY He served as associate Rabbi in Simsbury, CT, and currently serves as a Rabbi in Cape Coral, Florida.

He has served as the UMJC Theology Chair, Credentials chair, Midwest Regional Director, and UMJC Treasurer and Secretary. He also has authored two books, and has been a frequent contributor of articles to Boundaries, of blessed memory, Kesher, Messianic Outreach, and other publications.

Dr Schiffman is a lecturer on Messianic Judaism, Jewish History, Torah, and Messianic Worship in the UMJC Yeshiva, MJTI, and the Netzer David Yeshiva.

Dr Schiffman serves as the director of Chevra USA, a humanitarian arm of the UMJC and has done so since 1994, feeding holocaust survivors and the Jewish poor in the Former Soviet Union and Israel and is a frequent speaker advocating for the people he helps.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. shalom and yikes!! are you sure we havent met in a former life ?? šŸ™‚ I too grew up in NY (not far from Jericho) in a traditional jewish family… Long story short, among the many people on my “journey with the L-rd.. “, have been blessed by the likes of Stuart Dauermann.. and I’ve long become a MJ..My husband is lutheran… We’re now in Montana ( a childhood dream.. or would that be a”g-dincidence”? ) running our computer biz and a bed and breakfast…

    Shalom and blessings

  2. Found your website while looking for verification of Rabbi Schlomo Lewis’ Rosh Hashanah sermon. And I’m putting you in my Favorite Places. A friend sent the sermon to me and I printed it out for my husband to see.
    My husband, Ralph, felt a burden to put together a rally of support for the nation of Israel. It was held on the courthouse lawn here in Crossville, TN. We are Christians who love and support Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israel, to this day, is the “apple of God’s eye.” We recognize that special position and pray that more of the veil will be lifted from their eyes so that they may joyfully enter in to the Sabbath rest of Jeshua. We came to Christ individually through the ministry of the Jesus People in Philadelphia. Through that ministry we met many who were messianic Jews. And we’ve had the opportunity to worship the Lord together with them in a couple congregations in Philadelphia.

  3. Enjoyed your blog post and your humility in your posts. I was wondering if I could use a picture you have of a truck with a label on the back that says “Got Patience?”

    Thank you for your time and effort to encourage others.

  4. Dr. Schiffman, I’ve read some of your writings here, and found them to be so similar to what my pastor father had believed and taught me (he’s long passed away), himself a grandson of a Jew. Is it possible to connect or dialogue with you by email?

    Thank you

  5. I was raised in Plainview, NY. I now live in Arlington, TX. I went to college in Athens, OH with a guy Bart from Jericho. I’m not sure how I got on your blog mailing list, but I just want to tell you that more often than not, when I receive one of your emails, I have to look up with my hands in a questioning gesture, because it is precisely what I am dealing with currently, or needed at the time. I have forwarded these to other fellow believers as well. The emails have certainly been a timely blessing to me and my peers here in my neighborhood. Thank you. I had to investigate where you were now and where you’ve been. We’ve been crossing paths I’m sure. Thank you for doing what you do, and keep sending them to me. Shalom, and Happy Chanukah.

  6. Rabbi Michael is a wonderful Rabbi, Teacher, Mentor and Friend. He has helped me to see the light on many occasions and he has helped me find light where darkness obscured it. Todah Robah MIchael. Keep doing Yeshua’s work.

    Dr. Gary M. Freudenthal

  7. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts, I am enjoying learning about Messiah Yeshua and the Hebrew roots and what it means to be a follower of Yeshua!

  8. Thank you for providing clarity and insight into how God is worshipped and revered by different cultures. I was raised Roman Catholic and have always considered it to be not only a religion but a cultural affiliation. Now that I am an adult , I am on a spiritual journey and am less conscious of the distinctions that make us different and embrace the truth that we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. I do, however, find the diverging historical customs and teachings to be fascinating and you do a wonderful job in expounding upon them.

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